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About Us

Since 1968, our company, based in Bavaria, Germany, has specialized in manufacturing high-quality lighting for commercial and residential architecture. At CHAMP Licht, we craft luminaires that not only light up spaces but also enhance architectural beauty.

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CHAMP Licht started in Feldkirchen, near Munich. Initially focused on musical instruments and discotheque systems, creating unique lighting effects became the natural transition for the Company. In the 1980s, CHAMP Licht evolved from custom projects to mass production.


CHAMP Licht merges exceptional design with top-notch quality, focusing on facade and landscape lighting that complements architectural features. Emphasizing German engineering, our products represent precision and durability. We aim to create lighting that transforms spaces and aligns with architectural narratives, envisioning a world where our designs play a pivotal role in architectural storytelling.

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As we expand our horizons, our mission remains steadfast: to illuminate the world's facades and landscapes with innovative designs and unmatched quality. We envision a world where our lighting transcends its functional role, becoming an integral part of the architectural narrative.

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