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The Colibri PL-50 is a compact and sturdy LED cube, measuring just 5 cm along each edge, with a matte, smooth finish. This small yet powerful lighting solution is perfectly suited for both facade and ceiling applications, adding a distinctive touch to architectural designs. Its robustness is a key feature, making it an excellent choice for ground installations in driveways or pedestrian areas.

Ideal for adding intricate lighting accents to exteriors or interiors, the Colibri PL-50 blends durability with aesthetic appeal, suitable for a wide range of architectural styles.

Technical Specification

Operation Voltage

12 VDC

Power Consumption

0.25 W

Color LED

2700K & 4000K or B/ R/ G/ Y

Color Fixture

White Diffuse


Polycarbonate UV-Stabilized

IP Grade

IP44 (IP67 when the terminal

space is filled with silicone)

Ambient Temperature Range

-20°C - +45°C

Ambient Humidity Range

10% - 95% RH


Recessed casing available


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