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SQ-20 CL

Brighter than the Mosaic SQ-20 due to its clear surface and light guide fins, the Mosaic SQ-20 CL excels in areas needing high luminous efficacy. Its enhanced brightness makes it ideal for facade and ceiling applications, where it can highlight architectural details or provide focused ceiling illumination.

This model combines intensified light output with a sleek design, perfect for modern architectural needs, especially in high-visibility environments.

Technical Specification

Operation Voltage

12 VDC

Power Consumption

0.25 W

Beam Angle *

80° Asymmetric

Color LED

2700K & 4000K or B/ R/ G/ Y

Color Fixture

Clear Diffuse


Polycarbonate UV-Stabilized

IP Grade

IP44 (IP67 when the terminal

space is filled with silicone)

Ambient Temperature Range

-20°C - +45°C

Ambient Humidity Range

10% - 95% RH


Recessed casing available

* IES file available on request


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