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The Prisma SL-0100 is a mid-power, cylindrical spotlight, mirroring the sturdiness of the Prisma SL-077 but with increased intensity. It is well-suited for medium-sized commercial facades, highlighting features like signage or architectural details. The three beam angle choices, combined with DMX or DALI control, allow for tailored illumination of modern office buildings or public art.



A sturdy, cylindrical spotlight, the Prisma SL-077 offers three beam angle options, ensuring versatility in focused lighting. Its effective thermal management system, aided by a heat sink, enhances its durability. Ideal for boutique exteriors or small architectural features, this spotlight, with DMX or DALI control, is perfect for creating dramatic effects on historic building facades.



As a high-power version in this series, the Prisma SL-0125 is designed for large structures like concert halls or stadiums. Its cylindrical form, three beam angles, and effective heat management make it capable of illuminating vast areas with precision. The DMX or DALI control adds flexibility, ideal for dynamic lighting on grand architectural facades.



The slim, low-power Prisma SL-060 is a conical spotlight offering two beam angles. Its design is particularly effective for residential landscapes or small garden paths, providing a soft yet focused light. The heat sink and DMX or DALI control make it a reliable choice for enhancing the ambiance of intimate outdoor spaces.



Following the slim design, the Prisma SL-080 is a mid-power conical spotlight, ideal for facade lighting of boutique hotels or specialty stores. Its two beam angle options and efficient thermal management ensure a blend of subtlety and strength in illumination, controlled precisely via DMX or DALI systems.


SL-0100 HP

The Prisma SL-0100 HP is a high-power, slim conical spotlight, offering various beam angles for diverse lighting needs. This model is perfect for accentuating landmarks or highlighting the features of large public sculptures, ensuring that these elements are visually striking in urban and natural landscapes.

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